Now a thirty year old, Christian, living and working in Northern Virginia with my wife and our dog.  Attempting to approach life and everything in it with love, humility, and honesty.

Among my favorite things are my wife, dog, family, film, music, international politics, home improvement, policy, social dynamics, travel, and law.  I am passionate without being polarizing, which sounds contradictory, but I know my opinions will clash with others’, and yet I respect others’ points of view without marginalizing their opinion. One of my favorite professors labels this as liberal.  Listening is among the most powerful tools at our disposal because if we don’t listen, we cannot expect to learn or even to educate.

I love a good argument/debate because, if it is approached with love, humility, and honesty we will learn.  Devil’s advocate comes to me naturally, not because I want to be contrarian, but because I enjoy analyzing a situation or position from multiple angles.

I aim to share my favorite things and discuss them with you and learn.

So enough about me, let’s begin.


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